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Our Story



Changing lifestyles demand an ever-expanding imagination of health and well-being.

It was in the summer of 2013, two friends, Jeenie and Nirali leading fairly different lives recognized the need for a shift on perspectives to cater to an evident gap of mindful, workout wear.With their respective experiences, several sleepovers, coffee sessions, and research trips, later, they launched Stretchery on August 1, 2014.

Stretchery, a clothing line for consumers who seek connections with things they do, to make fashion meet fitness, making people more sensitive towards the right clothing and environmental impact.

Intentions supported by passion can lead to small but significant changes. All products are crafted using sustainable materials (Organic Cotton) and processes. From the production to packaging they are 100% plastic-free. With brand aesthetics of basic comfort and classic styles, the focus is to create collections embracing all body types and age groups.

We want to be a reason to stretch your mind and body.

Operating from two different continents, the distance between Jeenie and Nirali is now constant, but the communication is also constant. The future looks full of possibilities.They want to keep creating stories and dialogues that inspire more people to stay active and work towards healthy well-being.