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 TISHANI DOSHI  Poet, Journalist and Dancer

"Nothing Shapeless About it" 

Truth be told, I’m not a T-shirt person. T-shirts can be scruffy and shapeless. Things to sweat in. But they do have their purpose. Some of them can even be hard to part with, like those old, soft, reliable, too-small T-shirts I still have. But I just found a new candidate. I love the way it fits. Without being too tight it takes the contour of the body. Nothing shapeless about it. And those little details, like a key-hole in the back, and the Yoga people designed along the spine, hips, curve of the back, all made with an aesthetical eye. It’s not just a T-shirt. It’s organic and so it let’s the skin breathe. It’s soft and it wears well. Doesn’t need to be hand-washed and doesn’t shrink in the washing machine. The colours are simple but bold. Not flashy, just right. I sleep in it, I exercise in it, I practice my morning yoga in it. But mostly I lounge around in it. It’s my Stretchery T-shirt.


ADRIAN PAUL  Biggest Loser Norge Coach at TV Norge, Co-owner/Partner at Optimel Trening, Norway

"A pleasant chill-out tee" 


 MONSOON BERI  Zumba Instructor

"Thank you Stretchery for giving me my second skin."

Being a fitness instructor, I understand the role one's attire plays during any fitness related activity. One cannot just wear anything and start working out. What we wear has to be comfortable, should allow air to pass through, stretch enough to allow full range of motion and should look good at the same time. Stretchery is not only all this but much more. Thank you Stretchery for giving me my second skin.


SEEMA SONDHI  Yoga Instructor
"Finally we have a comfortable, chic yoga wear."
I simply love wearing the Strectchery T-shirts. They are comfortable, the fabric is soft and even washes well. I have washed the shirts so many times and the shape and colours remain intact. It also allows my skin to breathe. The colours are excellent and the Yoga asanas printed on them are just fabulous. Finally we have comfortable, chic yoga wear.